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The ScrumMaster is not useless

I’m back from the Certified ScrumMaster Course + and heard a lot of Craig Larman’s bad jokes 🙂

Last year I wrote this article where I expressed my feelings about the usefulness of the ScrumMaster. During the last three days I learned a lot useful and funny stuff about Scrum and Lean. I enjoyed leaning that the ScrumMaster is responsible to help the organization change to a more Lean mode of operation where, among other things, teams are self organized and self managed. I’ve also leaned that the ScrumMaster is not useless! ScrumMaster is a temporary but necessary waste!

And if you think about this, it is probably the truth. If you have a truly agile and lean organization for what you need a  ScrumMaster? To help in a goal already accomplished?



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One thought on “The ScrumMaster is not useless
  1. Paulo Pires

    Bom, ao menos vais acumulando certificações! É pena que certas companhias invistam tanto neste tipo de coisas, por razões óbviamente políticas, ao invés de manter os seus funcionários felizes. se o fizessem, se calhar, mas só se calhar, estes seriam tão produtivos que não necessitariam tanto de SCRUM 😉


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