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The political temperature of your organization.

You belong to an organization no matter if you work for your own or work for unknow shareholders.

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I’ve found this very interesting and joined. I had the chance to take the survey recommended by Andrew Loveless on the discussion “Discover the Political Temperature in your Organisation.” and I’m now waiting for the detailed results at my email. From the results I have immediately, they seems pretty much accurate.

Of course I will not discuss my results here, as you may understand, but from the first results I have, there’s a lot of good insights to keep.

Take your time to take the survey at http://www.relayconsultants.com/politicalbenchmarksurvey/ and think at least for five minutes per screen. If you find yourself stuck in some of the screens it’s good sign. Take the time to make an retrospective on your last projects and discuss with your colleagues if possible. At the end discuss the results with your organization.



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