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Porque é que o meu blog estava em baixo?

Não sei à quanto tempo isto esteve assim, mas o meu blog tinha um conteúdo muito interessante:

Please replace this default index.htm file with your own…

Isto não aconteceu apenas ao meu blog mas a quase todos os sites alojados com o meu querido hosting. Lá fui eu abrir um ticket.
A resposta:

Updated Support Ticket

All my index.html files content were replaced

The support ticket you entered into the control panel of XXX Hosting has been modified.
The following reply has been written to your ticket:

Hello Joao,

Due to a linux kernel exploit that already seems to be used to exploit our system we are forced to deploy new software to all our systems.

Due to this update a reboot of all our clusters is required. We are currently doing this update to ensure no further abusive activities.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience this causes. Our admin have replaced the hacked file from your account replacing by a default XXX file. Kindly upload your index files again on your account and replace them with the affected once. That should solve your issue.

I hope this helps.

Hoje recebi uma comunicação deles que dizia o seguinte:

Dear Joao,

At XXX security is our highest priority and the last years we have taken dramatic measures to build the most secure hosting environment around.

Unfortunately we have however been affected by the Linux kernel vulnerability (CVE-2009-2692) for a 24 hour period. Due to our architecture this exploit did not compromise personal data and all customer records are safe.

After updating the kernel on our systems we scanned all customer accounts and found that your index was removed. Therefore we kindly ask you to check your webpage and reupload your index page if it is missing.

We sincerely apologize for this incident and will take measures to ensure to prevent such incidents in the future.

Best regards,

Mas já está tudo ok por agora.



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