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Yeahh, I’m building it with enterprise ready technologies… who cares?

If you have an web product idea and want to test it, i.e. put it in front of your users, what it’s the most critical aspect to consider first? I usually get my head into a conflict, because I’m used to work with the so-called “enterprise ready technologies”, namely JEE. My mind if formatted to think about all aspects that a good enterprise product should have. I start giving more attention to a set of quality attributes like performance, usability, reusability, testability, portability, modifiability, etc, etc, and give less attention to one critical aspect, if I want to get a product in front of the users fast: productivity.

So, I start looking to what is out there that is enterprise ready, like EJBs, JSF, Hibernate, JBoss, Tomcat, whatever, and start getting the pieces together…. out there in the world there was some a guy with the same product idea, but considered first the productivity aspect of the equation and started to materialize the idea with, let’s say, Ruby on Rails…. guess who’s the winner?

I’m not against the use of JEE, of course, I just think that in some cases it does not make sense. I also have this false argument in my mind: What if I start building it with PHP and then hit a performance problem with my 1Million users? Well, If I ever had one million users, I’ll be happy to deal with these performance issues 🙂



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