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The psychology of physical agile boards



Is now widely accepted the usage of online collaborative tools to manage a team’s tasks and progress. Is common to see teams fully taking advantage of Jira, Trello, etc. As someone asked here in stackoverflow :http://stackoverflow.com/questions/20090309/a-completely-free-agile-software-process-tool, if you also want to know which tools exists for managing agile teams, the this is not the place, search in google 🙂


While I think this is a great way to manage a agile projects and the work a team need to complete, especially when remote team members are involved, I also believe that we are loosing some of the most important benefits of the agile practices, the sense of urgency, commitment and motion. If you can’t see what’s going on all the time, then you have to force yourself to focus your attention to what’s going by constantly using your brain.

Using physical visual boards, forces the team to focus on what is important and they are reminded constantly where they need to focus. Who want’s to know what is going on? Just walk the room and you will have an immediate feeling of the progress.

Doing these kind of boards, with the post its, is the best way to promote communication between the team and the organisation.

When a team member walks the room, even if he/she don’t want, the unconscious mind will take pictures of these boards and he/she will carry these pictures around, ever without being aware of that.





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