About Me

Dear reader,

I’m João Pereira, from Portugal, I am professional Software Developer for more than 15 years. I with a strong technical background in Java/JEE for enterprise applications development. Software project management and team leading experience.

Experience summary:
– Enterprise Application Development with Java technologies
– Team leading and software project management (Certified Project Manager by PMI and Certified Scrum Master with experience of 2 years)
– Trainer (Trainings in OO Design, TDD, JEE – http://code.google.com/p/javatrainings/)
– Occasional Blogger (http://jpereira.eu)
– Agile methodologies, TDD and Object Oriented Design envagelist
– Programming geek (coded prototypes with RubyOnRails, Scala, jQuery, GWT to integrate with Facebook and Twitter; Sandboxes: https://github.com/joaomiguelpereira, http://code.google.com/u/joaomiguel.pereira/)

Specialties: Agile software development methodologies and techniques (SCRUM, XP, TDD, BDD, Continuous Integration), project management (PMP), software architectures and design, software testing, OO programming, Java, JEE, Hibernate, build tools (Maven and Ant), version control systems (SVN, ClearCase, Git), JEE application servers, databases (Oracle, PL/SQL, SQL, MySql), Ruby on Rails, HTML/CSS/Javascript, Web Development, Network Management Systems, OSS.