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O poder do “E” e do “Mas”

Acho que existe um poder psicológico no “E” e no “Mas”. O “E” tem um poder positivo, de criatividade e colaboração enquanto o “Mas”  tem um poder negativo e cria barreiras para a criatividade e colaboração.

Para o demonstrar, considerem as seguinte conversas:

Programador – “Vou conseguir terminar o módulo A a tempo”

Gestor de Projecto – “Sim, muito bem. Mas conseguirás fazer também a documentação a tempo?”

Pensem que isto vos está a acontecer e tentem perceber o roadblock que foi colocado apenas no vosso caminho?

Agora no mesmo cenário mas como uma atitude mais positiva:

Programador – “Vou conseguir terminar o módulo A a tempo”

Gestor de Projecto – “Sim, muito bem e agora temos de nos focar também em entregar a documentação a tempo? Do que precisamos?”

Pensem agora nesta última conversa. Qual delas será a mais construtiva, colaborativa, positiva e inteligente?

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O que faz uma boa equipa?

Num artigo do Financial Post de Setembro, pode ler-se o seguinte:

“An effective team has to be able to respond quickly[…] And for that, we need a forum for robust dialogue.

A formally constituted team comes from the desire to work collaboratively […] There is a shared commitment to goals that has the support of individual team members, and in turn supports them.

An effective team […] contrasts with a more common hierarchical approach to business goals, “the command-and-control approach.”

The effective team are […] The Magnificent Seven rather than The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

To have and effective teams […]Businesses need to shift from individual bonuses to team-based bonuses, to flatten out their reporting structure.

What may not be a Team? […] A committee is a weak variant of a team […] A team […] is the opposite of a committee in that it has a unifying purpose and values to which all members ascribe, despite their position within the organization.

How to build a team? […] Peer mentoring is a team learning system that lets people teach each other […] Workshops have their place in leadership development, but most corporations don’t have a significant way to transfer that knowledge into skills.”

Peer Mentorig […] challenges people to take ownership of their careers. As long as no direct reporting is involved, it works magically.

How a effective team looks like?[…] include enough people, and a good cross-section of skills. We call it collective intelligence. The worst thing to do is try to figure out things by yourself.

Ainda no mesmo artigo são sugeridas oito características de uma boa equipa:


  1. Must have a meaningful purpose that all members care about.
  2. Can’t be too large. Some experts suggest capping at 20. Field cautions against there being too little work for all members.
  3. Needs a diverse set of skills appropriate to the goals.
  4. Needs to be physically together. Even having some team members on different floors can hurt the team.
  5. Succeeds or fails together. No stars or scapegoats.
  6. Shares leadership. Of course there is one leader, but he or she should be willing to step aside when another team member’s skills are required.
  7. Has strong shared norms and expectations of behaviour. These are soft skills that often need to be taught.
  8. Needs time. “You lose advantages if you hurry,” Prof. Field says. “Slow it down for the process to work.”

Artigo original:


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The political temperature of your organization.

You belong to an organization no matter if you work for your own or work for unknow shareholders.

@joaomrpereira and @innomgmt are now following each other at Twitter.  @innomgmt has a LinkedIn group that is a community

Working together to dramatically improve Innovation Management effectiveness, to share experiences, and to explore new models and methods.

I’ve found this very interesting and joined. I had the chance to take the survey recommended by Andrew Loveless on the discussion “Discover the Political Temperature in your Organisation.” and I’m now waiting for the detailed results at my email. From the results I have immediately, they seems pretty much accurate.

Of course I will not discuss my results here, as you may understand, but from the first results I have, there’s a lot of good insights to keep.

Take your time to take the survey at http://www.relayconsultants.com/politicalbenchmarksurvey/ and think at least for five minutes per screen. If you find yourself stuck in some of the screens it’s good sign. Take the time to make an retrospective on your last projects and discuss with your colleagues if possible. At the end discuss the results with your organization.

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Congratulations to myself

It started some time ago and finally I was able to hit a major personal and professional milestone. Yesterday I took one day of vacation to travel 200 km to take a four hours exam to assess my knowledge about Project Management.

It was a stressful experience at some degree. The exam showed up to be more difficult than I imagined. It is a exam prepared psychometrically which mean that it will catch most of them who don’t have a solid Project Management knowledge. You cannot imagine how I felt after seeing that screen showing:


So, congratulations to myself, I am now a PMP.

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