Useless Certified Scrum Masters

Are you willing to have a surgery with a surgeon that has taken a two days course in surgery?

Think about that for a moment. If you answer “No” (which I believe you do unless you’re a suicidal crazy person) I’m also sure you will not believe that a Certified Scrum Master (or a bunch of them) will save your projects and your business.

SCRUM is simple. SCRUM is hard. There is no ambiguity here. It is simple but it is hard.

Most of the organizations implementing SCRUM do not bother to find out why the “old” processes haven’t worked and simple jump into SCRUM because it is simple. People tend to judge that simple things are also easy thinks.

I think is a mistake, when you’re the adopting SCRUM framework (or any other agile process/methodology/practice/framework) to jump into it and trashing everything you learned from the past failures. This is a warning of continuing the failure path.

SCRUM, and any other agile methodology or process is not about the process or methodology itself, it is about a change in mindset and organization values and principles. SCRUM will help your organization to change, but will not change it by itself. Do not expect that SCRUM will solve all of your problems but expect it to show you all your problems.

What about the good engineering practices? Will SCRUM save your project if you are constantly building garbage? Probably SCRUM will help you to build garbage more quickly. That’s great if your business is all about building garbage.

I am just starting with this stuff of Agile Software development, so do not take what I have said here too seriously 🙂 . I am sure your certified surgeon, with a two days course, will do a great job to your brains after a surgery to your head.